Bridal Suite

Enjoy your wedding at Hawk’s View Golf Club! Our Bridal Suite is designed to give brides a comfortable area to relax and get ready for their celebration. It is your special day, so don’t be afraid to pamper yourself without having to travel to several places throughout the day! You and your attendants can get dressed, have your hairdresser out to do your hair, enjoy good music, and rest as much as you like.

Our Bridal Suite is equipped with a mini fridge, a love seat recliner, sound system, 40 inch TV with Direct TV, 3 skylights, and a safe to put personal and valuable items in during your Wedding.

As part of your room rental fee, you will get to use the Bridal Suite starting at 12:00PM (Noon) on the day of your event. If you wish to use the Bridal Suite before noon, there is an additional charge, but we would be happy to get the room set up for you as early as 8:00AM. Enjoy pitchers of Margaritas or Strawberry Daiquiris with the girls while enjoying silver dollar sandwiches and cheese & sausage trays.

Custom food and beverage packages are available for the Bridal Suite, just click the link below to view all of your options! If you don’t like anything you see, let us know! Our Wedding Consultant and Head Chef are happy to help you with any accommodations you have. It is important to remember that your day can be completely customized to your wants and needs.