February 8, 2019

Stop Slicing the Ball

Golf Swing Tips
Published By: Gary Brooks, PGA Director of Instruction

Do you ever wonder why you slice the ball? First you need to understand why the ball slices. Here are the most common swing flaws that cause a slice: over-the-top, casting and bad alignment. These are the three basic reasons why the ball slices.

Start with checking your alignment by laying down an alignment rod on your attending target line. Lay down a second rod 18 inches away, parallel to the target line rod. Take your address position with any club and have both your feet equal distance from your second alignment rod, and your ball between the rods. This is a square stance to your target line. By lining up square to your target, you will slowly eliminate the need to swing over-the-top and cast. When I practice, I take it a step further: I lay my alignment rods a bit more left of my target to challenge myself to swing in a way that prevents an over-the-top swing and casting. This alignment will encourage a more inside-out swing path. Keep in mind, there is no simple fix in golf to cure bad habits. Take these golf swing tips, practice with a purpose, and practice with quality.

Quantity alone is not the answer, quality with quantity is! Good luck, and hit them long and straight!