January 8, 2019

Is Your Address Posture Important?

How important is your golf address posture, spin angle when you address the ball? I believe posture is a major factor in hitting the ball long and consistent. Think of any other sport you play or have played and how your posture was. If you were going to shoot a basketball, would you be more efficient bending over or standing tall (standing tall is correct)? If you were going to play third base in baseball, getting ready for a ball to be hit to you, would you be more efficient squatting or standing tall (squatting is correct)?

The most efficient stance at address in golf is a great tall spin angle. Here is a great way to check to see if your stance is correct. Take a club and have the butt end touch your lower back, extend the club up so the shaft will touch the back of your head. Most golfers comments are, I feel very tall, and it is. Most golfers have a spin angle that is to far over. A great way to check to see if you have a correct spin angle/posture, take your address position, look down at your hands, your eyes should be directly over your hands. If your eyes are over the shaft, you are probably too leaning too much at the waist.

When standing with great posture, you are able to turn your core more efficient and faster through impact. Posture will have a direct impact on body speed and club head speed. Think of a ice skater, when they stand tall and spin they go extremely fast. When they bend over, the spin is of balance and slow. Practice this every time you hit balls on the range and you will see a difference in your golf swing. Feel free to email me with any questions you have at [email protected].

Good posture can truly affect solid contact. If you are bending too much at the waist you will have a tendency to swing-over-the-top, which produces a slice. Rarely do I have a student stand too tall and need to bend more at the waist.

Remember, this will take practice – quality practice. As I mentioned earlier, don’t expect immediate results, this will take time. Don’t forget to also attend my three Winter Boot Camps happening at Hawk’s View Golf Club this winter! Good luck, and hit them long and straight!

Published By: Gary Brooks, PGA Director of Instruction