Hwy 120 Construction Information

Beginning May 29 through early October, there will be major construction on Hwy 120, just south of Hawk’s View. Unless you are coming from the north (i.e. Milwaukee area), the construction will most likely affect your route to Hawk’s View. 

If you received access to this web page via your tee time confirmation or reminder email, please be sure to forward that email to your playing partners so that they have access to this detour information. 

As you’ll see in the map below, access to Hawk’s View will not be available via Hwy 120 from the south, including the exit ramps from Hwy 12 (exit #328).

Therefore, we suggest that if you’re coming via Hwy 12, to exit at Hwy 50 (exit #330), and head west toward Lake Geneva. From there, turn right at Walgreens (Edwards Blvd) where a Hawk’s View detour sign will be. From there, simply follow the matching Hawk’s View detour signs as shown in the route detailed below. This detour should only take about 12 minutes.

Suggested detour route to Hawk’s View from the south and east.


















For your reference, below is a brief video showing the detour route as the map above indicates:

If you have any questions, please call Hawk’s View directly at (262) 348-9900.