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Gary Brooks, Mr. Straight Arm

Gary Brooks, PGA Director of Instruction

Mr. Straight Arm

Indoor Golf Instruction Available All Winter

Martin Hall using The Straight Arm on “School of Golf”

Gary Brooks, a.k.a. Mr Straight Arm, is made famous from his golf training aid, The Straight Arm. With over 75,000 units sold, The Straight Arm is one of the best-selling golf training aids on the market. Gary’s product was featured in the movie “Tin Cup” with Kevin Costner, as well as Golf Channel’s “School of Golf” with Martin Hall and Sarah Brown.

With over 30 years of teaching experience, including working side-by-side with Golf Digest Top 100 teacher Ed Oldfield, Gary is able to work with men, ladies, and juniors of all skill levels. Gary incorporates The Straight Arm, V1 Video Swing Analysis, along with other training aids in his lessons to make learning easy, fun, and long-lasting.

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Single Lessons

The Straight Arm in action

30 Minute Lesson: $60 (Add a second person for $30)
60 Minute Lesson: $110 (Add a second person for $55)
90 Minute Lesson: $150 (Add a second person for $75)

Lesson Series

(3) 90 Minute Lessons: $400 (Add a second person for $200)
(5) 90 Minute Lessons: $600 (Add a second person for $300)

Four-Hour Golf Schools

Two-person school: $300 each
Three-person school: $250 each
Four-person school: $200 each

These golf schools aren’t designed so you swing for 4 hours straight! Gary will teach you everything involving the swing throughout the course of these golf schools. Gary will cover other topics such as Course Management, Short Game Shots, Strength and Flexibility Exercises and much more! Gary will also show you how to be your own golf coach so you can always improve your game!

Don’t see a package that you like? Looking for something different? Gary will build you a custom lesson package that fits your needs! 

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