October 5, 2018

Find More Power In Your Swing

Do you ever wonder why you can’t get the distance you want? Do you understand where power comes from in your golf swing? If you understand where power comes from, you can add distance to your game some simple golf instruction. First, it’s knowledge of the power positions, then it’s practicing these positions with quality that will improve your distance. Please don’t think you can perfect these power positions in one practice session – it takes time.

There are four basic Power Positions that all good players have:

  • The first Power Position is in your down swing. When your hands reach your right hip, the shaft of the club should be at 90 degrees. This wrist hinge position stores the energy you will need at impact.

Golf Instruction - Power Position 1

  • The second Power Position is when your hands are in line with your right thigh, the shaft of your club is parallel to the ground, and again your wrist hinge is still intact, there is no activation of your hands to this point.Golf Instruction - Power Position 2
  • The third Power Position is when your hands activate and the club head is released with energy. At impact, your hands are in line with your left thigh and the club is making contact with the ball.Golf Instruction - Power Position 3
  • The fourth and last Power Position is when the hands are just above the left hip, your arms are fully extended, forearms are touching, right hand is on top of left. You should see only the fingers of your left hand. If you are in the correct position you will have released the club with energy. If your left arm is bent at Power Position four, there was no rotation at impact, which is a loss of distance.Golf Instruction - Power Position 4

Remember, this will take practice – quality practice. As I mentioned earlier, don’t expect immediate results, this will take time.  Good luck, and hit them long and straight!

Published By: Gary Brooks, PGA Director of Instruction