Improve Your Golf Game

Stop Slicing the Ball

By Matthew Boesch | February 8, 2019

Golf Swing Tips Published By: Gary Brooks, PGA Director of Instruction Do you ever wonder why you slice the ball? First you need to understand why the ball slices. Here are the most common swing flaws that cause a slice: over-the-top, casting and bad alignment. These are the three basic reasons why the ball slices. […]

Is Your Address Posture Important?

By Matthew Boesch | January 8, 2019

How important is your golf address posture, spin angle when you address the ball? I believe posture is a major factor in hitting the ball long and consistent. Think of any other sport you play or have played and how your posture was. If you were going to shoot a basketball, would you be more […]

Find More Power In Your Swing

By Matthew Boesch | October 5, 2018

Do you ever wonder why you can’t get the distance you want? Do you understand where power comes from in your golf swing? If you understand where power comes from, you can add distance to your game some simple golf instruction. First, it’s knowledge of the power positions, then it’s practicing these positions with quality […]

Golf and Fitness: The Modern Athlete

By Bob Lindner | June 3, 2015

Fitness is a growing trend in the society that we live in today. This is evident by the amount of different athletes that many of us idolize growing up. From the Wayne Gretzky to Michael Jordan, athletes play an important part in the entertainment side of our society. As our society continues to evolve, so […]

Golf From a Hawk's View

PGA TOUR All-Stars?

By Bob Lindner | September 30, 2015

PGA Tour Post-Season Now that the PGA TOUR FedEx Cup playoffs are over, there is a natural void in the spectator’s excitement for golf. On even years (2010, 2012, 2014, etc), this void is temporarily filled with the history-rich Ryder Cup – potentially the most exciting three days as a golf spectator. The PGA TOUR […]

Spieth Slam

By Bob Lindner | July 5, 2015

With Jordan Spieth in position to make golf history by completing the “Grand Slam” (winning all four majors in the same calendar year), many are questioning his decision to play in the John Deere Classic in Silvis, Illinois the week prior to the British Open that kicks off July 16. You may have noticed that […]

Picking Winners In Match Play

By Bob Lindner | May 4, 2015

This past weekend was one of the most fun tournaments on the PGA schedule. This past weekend was the match play tournament that pits the top 64 golfers in the world against each other. This year “new” was the order of the day. New date, new venue, new sponsors and most important, new format. This […]

Tiger Woods Is Back On The Prowl

By Bob Lindner | May 4, 2015

Is Tiger Woods back on the prowl? Let’s get this straight – “Back on the prowl” can mean two different things in this case: 1) Tiger is out looking for “love” again after the recent announcement that he and Lindsey Vonn have dissolved their relationship, or 2) Tiger can again be considered a contender on […]

The Ultimate Club Fitting Guide

Introducing the New Callaway Rogue ST Line

By Keith Felt | May 23, 2022

Each year Callaway proves why they are the “Kings of Distance.” Heading into the 2022 season is no exception to this with their new Callaway Rogue ST line. The ST stands for “Speed Tuned,” and is an upgraded version of their ‘Rogue’ line that came out in 2018. Distance and forgiveness are the story for […]

Club Fitting Corner w/ Jake – Irons/Hybrids

By Matthew Boesch | November 16, 2019

In this issue of Golf Club Fitting Corner with Jake, I’ll be discussing the fitting process for iron/hybrid sets. The goal of an iron/hybrid fitting is to achieve solid contact as often as possible, with a desired shot shape (typically the straighter, the better) occurring as often as possible. A sub-goal for a most people […]

Club Fitting Corner w/ Jake – Driver

By Matthew Boesch | November 15, 2019

As this is the first edition of Golf Club Fitting Corner with Jake, I want to preface the fact that even though I am a certified Callaway Golf Master Club Fitter, this series will not be a Callaway commercial. Instead, I will be educating you on the importance of getting fit for clubs in your […]

Weddings, Events, & More in Lake Geneva, WI

Weddings at Hawk’s View Golf Club

By Matthew Boesch | July 31, 2018

Planning a wedding can be hard, time-consuming, and stressful. At Hawk’s View Golf Club, as a permiere Lake Geneva Wedding Venue, we can eliminate some of the stress. The list is long: Venue Ceremony Reception Decor Food & Drink Photography Dresses & Tuxes Flower Hair & Makeup Stationary DJ or Live Music The list is […]