June 26, 2018

Barn Hollow – Award-Winning Hidden Gem

“I don’t want to play that pitch-and-putt.”; “I want to play a real course.”; “Par 3 golf course??? No thanks.”

These are just a few of the things I hear on a weekly basis from golfers when our staff suggests that they give Barn Hollow, our award-winning par 3 golf course, a try.

And I get it – I was skeptical about Barn Hollow when I started working as an intern at Hawk’s View in 2004. I was told by our General Manager that it is a great course and that I should play it right away.

I was blown away! The first thing that got my attention was the immaculate conditioning of the course. I had played some par-3 courses before when I was a kid, and I remember them all being “goat pastures” with burnt out grass and shaggy greens. Barn Hollow is nothing like that with its well-manicured turf and greens that are as pure as any private country club.

After getting through a handful of holes, I noticed that I hadn’t used the same club twice off of the tee yet. Upon finishing all 18 holes, the only club I didn’t use was my driver (although I thought about it on the 16th hole, which is 222 yards and was playing upwind that day). Again, this is way different than anything I had ever experienced on a par 3 golf course – usually you’re lucky to hit a 7-iron. Par 3 Golf Course

My favorite hole on Barn Hollow is #9. The tee box on this 190 yard hole is elevated about 30 feet from the green, giving you a gorgeous view of the glacier-formed rolling hills that southern Wisconsin is known for. With water on the left and a grove of evergreen trees to the right, your tee shot needs to be laser-like to hit the green and give yourself a chance at birdie.

I mentioned award-winning earlier, so let’s talk about that. In 2014, Mike Bailey, a Senior Staff Writer with Golf Advisor, traveled the entire country playing nothing but par-3 courses in an effort to compile a list of the ten best in America. Barn Hollow made the cut in his top ten, putting it in some prestigious company with the likes of Bandon Preserve (Bandon Dunes’ par 3 golf course in Oregon), and the famous “Threetops”, which is located at Treetops resort in Michigan.

Another recognition we are quite proud of came in 2016, when Barn Hollow was rated by golfers as the Second Best Short Course in the United States according to Golf Advisor reviews.

Getting excited for the chance to play Barn Hollow? It’s simple to Book your Tee Time Online, and you can choose whether you want to play just 9 holes, or play all 18. The option to walk or rent a riding cart is available when you check in for your tee time. We also offer a discounted rate for Barn Hollow, called our Barn Burner Special, if you play it the same day as your Como Crossings round.  Some use Barn Hollow as a way to warm up for the Como Crossings championship course, while others will play Barn Hollow afterward with adult beverages and some friendly closest-to-pin wagers.

We also offer a variety of fun ways to play including a unique monthly Night Golf event, multiple Leagues, and great programs for Junior Golf!

I know that you’re skeptical about playing a par 3 golf course just as I was, but trust me, you won’t be disappointed!

Posted by Matthew Boesch, General Manager at Hawk’s View